Monday, February 11, 2013

I Win at February Finishes

Having a reputation as one of enormous ego and a legendary sense of self-importance, I know it does not come as a shock to any of you to read that I have declared myself winner and champion of February Finishes.  If I do not complete anything else, I will still be victorious.  In fact, it is possible that I hold the title for next year, so great is my accomplishment.  


My extraordinary skills and gifts do not extend to getting a good photo of the finished piece.  For all of the fanfare, I can only present a nighttime blocking shot.  I was going to go outside for the little bit when the sun was shining over the weekend, but the odor of whatever a neighbor was burning kept me inside.  

Anyway, the pattern is the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace, and I love it.  It is not a difficult knit, if you have enough yarn.  That was the trouble for me.  I ran out of yarn, was able to acquire a little bit more in the same dyelot, but it was not enough, and there it sat.  Finally, I bit the bullet and ordered a few more balls of the Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport in the Ash colorway in hopes that whatever dyelot arrived would be close enough, and I think it works.  If it does not, I hope that you will support me in my delusion that you cannot really tell where the change occurs.  Anyway, it is pretty, it is big, (about six feet across) and I managed to finish it just shy of four years after the start date.  I win.          
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