Thursday, December 06, 2012

Matchy-Matchy for Mom

MatchyMatchyForMomI often knit hats, mittens, gloves, or scarves, but it is rare that I make a set.  Partly that is because I do not pay too much attention to whether my clothes or accessories match, and the other part is that it goes against the appeal of knitting such items.  Knitters often make them because they are quick and require only one or two skeins.  That being said, I decided it would be nice to make my mom a matching set for her birthday.  I was not going to go so far as to use the same stitch pattern for everything, but I was going to use the same yarn.  I started with a Calorimetry because she does not wear hats but her ears are sensitive to wind and cold.  Besides, she seemed to like the last one I knit for her, and she needs another one.  Next, I moved on to knit a pair of Fetching for her.  I like this pattern and hope it will help keep her hands warm while letting her fingers stay free.  Then it was time for the scarf, but I did not have quite enough of this yarn to make one.  I considered a cowl, but that is not really her style.  Then I settled on weaving the scarf and adding another color to the warp.  I think it turned out well, and I hope she enjoys them and I know they will keep her warm.            
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