Monday, November 26, 2012

OverUnderOverUnder, BackAndForthBackAndForth

I could have written, "Up, Stick, Up, Stick, Up, Down," instead, but that really would not help without showing the draft, and I do not understand those yet. 

Doubled laceweight alpaca makes this the finest piece I have ever woven, and I am really pleased with it, making it the finest piece I have ever woven. The pattern is pretty on either side, and the drape is great. Even the hemstitching looks good.

This was the first time using the 12.5 dent reed for my Ashford rigid heddle loom, and I love the possibilities it offers. The warp is a strand of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Horizon and the rest of the mystery alpaca I used for the Annis I knit for my mom for the other strand. Then I doubled the Alpaca Cloud for the weft. I used a pattern from one of my weaving books, worked on it a little bit, and then let it sit for months. I had put this on the loom as part of the weaving demonstration I did this past Spring.  Anyway, I finally sat down to the loom and a couple of days later I was done. Then, I took three more months to blog it after nearly dying in the August heat to photograph it.  Everything in its time, right?

I have not decided who this belongs to, but I have decided that alpaca might be wonderful for weaving.
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