Monday, December 31, 2012

Bundle Up!

Winter is here, at least for a while, and I am taking advantage of the opportunity to bundle up in as many wonderful, warm, wool things as I can whenever I have to leave the house.  We have been away from home a lot over the past couple of weeks, but I think next week it should slow down a bit.   
In the midst of all of the busyness and doing things that had to be done, I decided to do something just for fun.  Then I started to have a plan to make a million, (just as I have for most everything this year) but after finishing one Bundle-Up-Bear, I realized they are far too much work for people who may or may not appreciate them.  I love this one and will knit more, but I know they are not the right gift for just anyone.  For right now, this is for me.  

Happy New Year!  Stay Warm!    
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