Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Random Like a Lion

Well, we are glad that the beginning blast of March weather did not make its way any closer to us. I just kept the television on in the background to keep an eye on things, and curled up with the Kindle and finished reading a book. However, after finishing, I have kind of floundered, not really able to settle on anything. I knit some, but interruptions prevented any real progress. I even considered making more owl hats, but I could not find my crochet hooks. Rather than make you worry and wait, I will let you in on that mystery--I had put the hooks away where they belong. Imagine that!

We followed that with Aunt Sarah duty with a just-unwell-enough-to-need-to-stay-home-nephew. He remembered to bring his uke along, and we made great progress. I gave him a new set of strings, and he is one chord away from being able to play one of his favorites, "This Land is Your Land." Oddly enough, he was rather unimpressed with my rendition of "Hungry Like the Wolf."

After that, it was a flurry of housework that ran headlong into an unexpected out-of-town visitor, and then one we were planning on having. I had hoped for a quiet, plain, boring, nothing day, but it is not likely to happen anytime soon. Maybe one week from tomorrow, but that is the Ides of March, and I will probably not have the power to beware.

Probably most of tonight will be a not sleeping one, but maybe I will knit. I just hope everyone else sleeps in, and I can secure large quantities of coffee.

Did I mention that I volunteered to give a weaving demonstration next week?
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