Friday, March 16, 2012

Technical Difficulties

The laptop is in trouble, and that makes for some inconveniences. For one thing, today I have to show you an old picture. However, it is a good picture, because these just might be my favorite flowers. It is good to focus on favorite things when the world is coated in pollen. At least the violets are in bloom.

With my time away from the computer, you would think I would be making great progress on everything else, but then you would remember that we are talking about me, and all expectations are out the door. I am not getting much of any one thing done because I have too many things going on at once. I have something going on both the Ashford and Cricket looms, and I have removed something that did not work on the inkle loom. I could use three or four more shuttles for the piece on the Cricket, and I think Bruce is going to make them for me, so that is good.

I am keeping the needles going, and I believe I have made it to the halfway mark on my Rata Lace Scarf. The pattern continues to fascinate me, but I really want to finish it. Mostly this is because I cannot wait to see the lace after blocking, but also because I want to wear it. Our temperatures have been in the eighties, so a bamboo lace scarf is more suitable than some of the others I have.

Mostly, however, I have been recovering from last week. It really was not anything major, but a lot of things that, after the frustration, just resulted in a pile of sad. There was just so much of it that it was a bit overwhelming. It all just rather drained us, and it has taken more than a minute to get up and going after it. I can tell just how exhausting it all was because whenever I sit down to read my book I fall asleep. I have finally stopped fighting it, and have taken a few extra naps. I think I need it, because there is a chance I could end up at a Junior League American Girl fashion show this weekend.
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