Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm an Owl Exterminator!

It is all owls, all the time here. I have been hooking almost nonstop for about the last week-and-a-half. I do not remember just how it all started, but once I began, I never found a stopping point, and now that season two of Downton Abbey is over, I do not know when I will stop. The bright colors and acrylic yarns are not my usual style, but they work for these hats. I did get a look from a knitter in a waiting room the other day, but when I asked how she liked the Signature Needle Arts circs she was using, my Real KnitterTM credit appeared to be restored, or not--I really do not care.

The finished hats were piling up for a while, and then I gave four away. Three went as birthday gifts, and one went to a niece because she wanted one. The kids love the hats, and so do their parents. Another niece asked me to teach her mom how to knit (and then she asked me to teach her mom how to crochet once I told her the hats are crocheted) so that she could have one. I have already taught this particular niece to knit, I have a feeling she does not want to learn to crochet any more than I want to teach her, I know her mother does not want to learn, and I have already given an owl hat to her sister, so I think making one for her is the best option.

The two sleepy owls are meant for the future new nephew and niece, and when another sister-in-law saw them, she asked if I would make two for her twin infant nieces. I am not sure what will happen with the rest. People keep telling me that I could sell them, (yes, the designer does allow this) and the same thoughts go through my head each time I hear it. Usually I think, "If people will pay, please give me money, or point me in the direction of those who will." Then I just have a chuckle to myself about being a hooker who never gets paid.
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