Monday, May 23, 2011

On One Hand

When I finished Emily2, I looked about for the next thing to knit. Our weather was wonderful and unseasonably cool. I was loving it, especially because I knew that the heat would soon be here, and that October or later is probably the next time we might expect to enjoy such temperatures.

Anyway, I was not quite ready to begin something new, but rather, I was of a mind to finish something that was waiting for its time to receive my attention. I first thought about Salt Peanuts, but I quickly let that go. I admit that part of the reason I did not finish it was the dreaded idea that I would have a new wool sweater just in time for hot, humid, oppressive weather to set in for the season.
No sooner had thoughts of completing my cardigan been put back into hibernation, did the answer of what to finish next pop into my head. Within a few minutes, I was retrieving my nearly complete Estonian Sheep Hand Puppet. All that this little creation lacked was ears, stuffing, a face, and the weaving in of ends and blocking. In the midst of much on-the-go time, I grabbed a few minutes here and there, and soon I was done.

After seeing just how little time it took for me to finish this, I could be a bit disgusted with myself for having put it off for so long. I recall what stopped me way back when. It was the missing portion of the directions for the ears.
It just put me off, and so I set the project aside until I was ready. I am so pleased to have picked it back up and put in the time and effort to complete my new little friend.EstonianHandPuppetWithLavenderBunch

Much of my knitting of late has been for others, but this is for me. At least I think it is. Sometimes I hear that small voice or the little tap on my shoulder that lets me know something I made really belongs with someone else, and ignoring that leaves me unhappy. For now, though, this is mine, and it I am enjoying this simple hand puppet very much, possibly more than any one person should.
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