Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beginning to Understand

InkleLoomDraftExperimentsSince I jumped into it without understanding much, I decided that I needed a book to help me with my inkle weaving. Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress seemed to be the oft-most recommended books, so that is the one I chose. While I have been having a lot of difficulty with concentration lately, I kept flipping through my new book, looking at pictures, trying to read some, and finally I began to understand a little. Next, I got out a sheet of paper and began playing with my colored pencils and a day or so later, I hoped I had properly planned InkleLoomWarpeda draft for the loom.

I love how the inkle loom looks when I have warped it. It seems very complicated and impressive to me (yes, I know I can be easily impressed at times). All of the color and order and lines speak to me, and I spend a little bit of time just looking at the dressed loom.

InklingInProgressWithShuttleOf course, it would be pretty pointless if I did not take it any further, so I got to the weaving and love how quickly my progress shows. However, the most thrilling was to see that I had been correct in my understanding of creating the draft, and that the pattern was working out the way I thought it would.
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