Saturday, March 19, 2011

UM...Decided and Undecided

When I heard about the Emily/Emily2 knitalong, I knew that I wanted to play. Then, I thought that it would be a great gift for a friend, and worried that my participation as a knit-along-er would be terrible if I could not show my progress. At that point, I realized I had gotten ahead of myself, and there was much I needed to do before I could join in on the fun and games. So, I set to the tasks of finishing one project and making progress on a couple of others, and then deemed myself eligible to play with friends. I seriously think I have earned this, as I even made a decent dent in my Chalet Sock from PSCNeverHappened2009.

Next up was yarn selection time. I decided that I wanted to use the alpaca/silk yarn I spun for the TdF 2009. I thought it would be a great choice for the pattern, and I had wanted to knit it into a gift for my friend for quite some time. Then, I could not find it anywhere. I searched high and low, and began to wonder whether I had given it away. Somewhere in my brain, I remember getting the yarn out to see if would work for some project, but that was my last memory of it. Finally, I unearthed a knitting bag that has not seen much use for quite a while, and lo and behold, I found the yarn.

However, at this point, things had become a little bit complicated. First, I became quite enamored with a few other yarns in the stash. One of them led me to think about knitting Emily2 for yet another friend. It would also be a bit of a different experience, and a bit of a gamble. However, it would not require me to use beads, although it would not rule them out, either.

So, all I know for now, is that I am going to knit Emily2 whenever the kal begins.

Judge :: Mental
Safe :: Haven
Boulevard :: Wander
27 :: March
Next :: Time
Ma’am :: Yes
Desktop :: Clutter
Club :: Caveman
Violet :: Favorite
Enamel :: Nail

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