Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Eighteen Grams

Damask's last appearance was the cast-on plus a few rows. The experience of knitting with the silk single was interesting. I did not fully understand this until a later experience, but more on that another day. The nupps were more challenging in silk than in wool. Still, I enjoyed knitting Damask, and it is a great pattern.

As I had no way to get more of the yarn, and it was knit from many stitches from the bottom up, I decided to go for the medium size. I was concerned that it might be too small, but was more worried that I would run out of yarn. So, I cast on with my US 8 needles (5mm), and knit the rest with US 4 (3.5mm) and hoped for the best. A mere eighteen grams later, I was done. Knitting the medium size was the right choice.

Now I just have to wait for Mother's Day to give this to Mom.
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