Monday, March 21, 2011

Too Little, Too Late


I meant for this sweater to be for a baby born last year, and I do not really remember what happened, but fast-forward to now, and I have this sweater, and I am pretty certain that it is too small for the little girl. Asking the mommy about her baby's wingspan to see if this would still fit seems wrong, so I am holding onto the sweater for some future baby. I just now got around taking pictures of it, and I fall in love with the little kitty buttons every time I look at it.

Speaking of little, I also never showed you the cute little prizes resting on the sweater. They are HiyaHiya Puppy Snips that I received from a friend. It has been a long time since I felt the need to own one of something in every color, but I think these adorable little scissors may have brought me nearly to that point. They are fabulously handy little snips, and I feel compelled to show them to everyone whenever I use them.

Now, I somewhat show you something that is neither little nor late. It is a gift for a friend, (those of you who have seen and know what this is--shhh, please) but not exactly for a particular occasion, and, therefore, not late. I will show it after it arrives where it belongs, but we all know my postal procrastination, so no holding of breath, please.

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