Saturday, January 22, 2011

UM...And Another Thing

Whenever I add another element to my life, things end up a bit topsy-turvy for a while. Usually if I try to keep up with everything while incorporating the new activity, I collapse and get nothing done. This time, I am trying to just add in this very new and different thing, and have just let many other things (blogging, email, commenting, and more) fall to the side for a bit. No, it is not a perfect answer, but at least I am not stuck frozen on the couch, in the bed, nor on the floor.

What am I talking about, you ask (yeah, I know no one is really asking, but I appreciate your indulgence once more)? I have begun to exercise outside the home. Yikes! I have never worked out at an exercise facility, but my new health insurance includes this as a benefit. I still do not know what all to bring with me, which classes to try, or how to best work it into my day. We will not even touch on how there are mirrors everywhere, or the preparations I need to make to try out the aquacise class.

While I continue to find my legs in all of this, it was great to come home to a package on the front porch the other day. My prize package from Stacey's fundraising efforts arrived, and I love it all! Everything was so carefully wrapped and it is such a generous collection of lovelies. I am already making plans with the yarn, and making tea, too!

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