Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happily Homebound

The snow is still here, and I love it. I shoveled some paths for the stray cats to get to the food dish. I really dislike the jerk dogs that came and ate most of the cat food. I walked up to the mailboxes, even though none is being delivered for who knows how long. I considered making a snowman, but instead, I made a snow angel.
With most places closed and many roads unsafe for travel, we have been staying in, and that is one of my very favorite things. I have been making good progress on Damask, and have even passed the 50% mark. Knitting with the silk single has been an interesting experience and makes me want to spin some on my own. I happen to have some pink silk ready to go on the wheel or a drop spindle. I need only choose and then get spinning.

Anyway, the shawl knitting is going well, and the rows are getting so much shorter. The first few rows were a little fiddly, but I think the effort is going to be well worth it. I do know that I need to loosen up a little to make the nupps with this yarn. I found that out quickly, and had to fight a little bit on one row, but it was not too bad. I have knit a new-to-me stitch, find its looks interesting, and have been pondering its applications in new lace.

I might finish Damask in the next day or two, or I might get sidetracked by spinning or Donkey Kong. Whatever I do, it will be here at home, and probably wearing something I knit.
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