Saturday, March 13, 2010

UM...Happy Birthday, Lizzie!

Across the miles, I am sending super-magic birthday wishes to my Lizzie!

While I am in such a super-great mood, how about some love?

Near-fo status on a secret knit, and it is different from the one I had been knitting. That one is done.

Dark Cherry Mocha Nonfat No Whip. I've tried it hot; now to try it iced.

We are home

Clean ceiling fans

Twiddydinkies are priced to move

Now, to peer deep into my mind:

Detective :: Uncover
Bangs :: Drums
Consultant :: Color
Puzzle :: Mystery
Learn :: More
Necklace :: Bauble
184 :: WaysToDie
Stimulation :: Mental
Layered :: Lasagna
Police :: State
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