Saturday, January 09, 2010


It is easy to become bogged down by feelings of helplessness and frustration at what I cannot do, things I cannot fix, pain I cannot take away. I was wearing myself down, just spinning my wheels in the muck, and then I stopped. First, I needed silence and stillness to sit with acceptance. This allowed me to not let what I cannot do stop me from doing what I can. It also showed me more that I can do, and letting go of the rest allowed me to have the energy to do it. I even found a way to translate some of what I am doing into something that can be seen. Well, it cannot be seen right now, and it might not make its way to the blog, but others will see it.

I continue my unintentional tradition of missing the local Roc Day celebration. I really thought I was going to make it this year, but a family something made its way to the schedule, and it is more important. That is not to say that the spinning is being left by itself in a corner to cry. I do not know what fiber adventure is about to begin, but it is definitely time.

365 :: Days
Tombstone :: Pizza
Dumb :: Bag of Hammers
Intrusive :: Loud
Fat :: Lard
Axe :: Grind
Planned :: Idiocy
Spike :: Watermelon
Bleach :: White
Shopkeeper :: Annoyed

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