Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slow Starts

The fiber adventure I felt coming on has taken a different path than I would have guessed. Mostly, it has involved curling up with a book. So far, I am quite liking The Knitter's Book of Wool. Slowly taking in a paragraph or two at a time, I am ready to begin the second chapter. Oh, yeah. You did not realize I was operating at that speed, eh? I like thinking about the wools in the context of spinning and knitting, and wondering how the new knowledge might help me. I even took a quiz online, and learned what kind of sheep I am. Who knew? I just know there is never any reason to doubt the results of a quiz from the innerwebz.

The book is more than just talk. When I wanted a break from reading, I skipped to the pattern section, where part of its introduction reads:
William Shakespeare wrote, "Joy's soul lies in the doing." Those words ring especially true in knitting, where the fun is truly in the doing. The real pleasure comes when we pick up our needles, choose a yarn, and cast on--which is how we arrived at this chapter.
While I know this was not written solely for me, the message certainly resonated with me. There is a nice selection of patterns, there are more than a couple that I would like to knit now, and getting something new on the needles might currently rank as a necessity. In that light, selecting amongst the knits that first jumped out at me is easy--lace. This is not just any lace; it is an Evelyn A. Clark triangular shawl (Prairie Rose Lace Shawl--just in case you were curious). I love that I can just dive right into one of her patterns, confident that it will be well written, easy to follow, give wonderful results, and have a just right start to finish time. Mmmm...comfort lace.
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