Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tour de Fleece?

I am continually posing that question to other knitters who have expressed even the tiniest interest in spinning. The tamest responses have been, "No." Most have even laughed and humored me as I attempted to mock-pressure them into joining. I understand that the event is not for everyone. I am even trying to extend that understanding to the one who offended me on the topic of spinning. Perhaps I do not yet get her. It would appear that she does not get me. I know that not everyone likes me, and some of my attempts at humor fail.

However, when I cannot quite find my way to getting over the irritation, I am glad for my Tour de Fleece team. Thanks to Cookie, I am a member of Team CrankyPants. I think I have read more in that thread than I have in the rest of my time on Ravelry. Lately, it has been overflowing with
enabling attempts in link and picture form. With all of the lovely fiber, it is hard to stay in a foul mood. Still, it is nice to have a place where crankiness is accepted, and even jokingly celebrated.

I am still contemplating goals for the Tour. The piles of fluff I recently dyed seem like good candidates, and sixteen ounces would be a challenge. I want to keep the pressure low, so maybe one of those and then the smaller bump of alpaca/silk that has been in stash form for quite some time. I still have a day or so to decide, right?
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