Friday, July 03, 2009

Make Room for Baby

I had hoped for quite some time to have a spinning wheel, but did not know when or if it would happen. Then, Kiwi came to me nearly two years ago. In her former home, she created beautiful yarn, but the time she took away from knitting became too great, and she had to leave. It is true that Kiwi loves to spend as much time as possible in the creation of new yarn. However, she realizes that the yarn we make together sometimes has a purpose beyond just being yarn, and is accommodating when it comes to knitting time. Sometimes she cries when she feels that too much time has passed since we last spun together. The fiber stash then gets in on the act, along with the spindles. She does not quite understand those spindles, and wishes they would stay out of the nice fiber. Still, we have made a happy home together, and seem to find a nice balance most of the time.

What Kiwi did not know until recently, is that I have harbored a small hope to become a multi-wheel home. Recently, I began exploring this possibility beyond flipping through catalogs. Kiwi could not stand the searches of classified ads and auction listings. I assured her that barring some ridiculously fantastic deal, she was not in any danger of having to share me with another wheel, but she was not convinced. She settled down when we joined a group for our kind on Ravelry, and added our names to the list to participate in The Great Kiwi Migration. She even stopped whining about the extra time I have been spending with Little Si, the drop spindle.

Imagine the surprise of us all when we received word of a
single drive, double treadle, Ashford Traveler with six bobbins in need of a new home. It was all so sudden, and the next thing you know, I am bringing another wheel into our home. I had read all of the pertinent articles on introducing wheels to each other. I started by letting Kiwi see the six bobbins. At first, she thought they were for her, as the Kiwi and the SD Traveler use the same bobbins. Then she heard the unmistakable sound of treadling coming from the next room. At first, she was upset and cried, but then she heard the squeaking, and became concerned. While the new wheel was well cared for in her previous home, it was obvious that she had not been attended to recently. A few well placed drops of oil later, and she was happy as can be.

I spent a bit more time spinning and getting to know the new wheel, and then placed it next to Kiwi in the next room. I figured they could use some time to get to know each other, and I had laundry to fold. I stopped outside their room to hear how they were getting along. The new wheel
was breaking the ice with a gift.

New Wheel: Have you ever tried Bee Mice Elf Fiber? No? Well, here is a little bit for you to try.
Kiwi: Thank you so much. That is such a cute little package, and I love the colors.
New Wheel: You're welcome. I love trying out new fibers.
Kiwi: Me, too! Oh, I see which wool you have been subjected to today--the dreaded practice fiber.
New Wheel: (sighs in relief) I am glad to hear this is just the practice stuff. I am not a fan of it.
Kiwi: No one is. She doesn't even like it, but drags it out on occasion when she is experimenting.
New Wheel: What size bobbins do you use? We look like we might be about the same size.
Kiwi: We totally are! I was checking out the bag of bobbins you brought with you.
New Wheel: We should totally switch bobbins with each other.
Kiwi: That would be awesome! Oh! You're going to do Tour de Fleece with us, right?
New Wheel: I sure hope so. I've never participated before.
Kiwi: Neither have we, but she seems quite excited about it. We've already joined a team. It's something to do with a garment of irritability or some such nonsense. I do not even pretend to understand her. She's crazy.

I took that as my cue to walk away before my feelings were seriously hurt. I think they will get along well, and I am excited about the new adventures in spinning just waiting for me.
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