Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spinning My Wheels

It has been a high fiber week, but there is not much to show for it. I have reached the halfway point on spinning some singles. I do not know what kind of wool this is, but I like it. The bundle of fiber was more than a little compacted, and I was concerned this would not be an enjoyable spinning experienced. However, once I spent a bit more time with it, the fiber agreed to be friendly. After that, it seemed like it did not take long before I had finished spinning the first half.EneEdgingSIP

I suppose the wheel got a bit more time because my knitting takes so long per row. Ene's Scarf starts with 375 stitches, and then the rows get shorter. With all the stitches bunched together, it took a little more effort to read the lace. The long rows have also made me think before picking up the piece. If there was not time to knit at least a full row, I just let it sit. Now that I have made my way through the first chart, I feel like my speed is going to pick up considerably. Someone did the math, and according to her, I am already 25% done. The second chart looks to be quite light, with most rows being mainly plain.

Now that I have spinning and lace underway, perhaps I should open April's psc package. I had better hurry, as the second round of SM3 is over.
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