Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Housework Can Be Good

I do believe that the laundry mated while we were away. I would complain, but I am just grateful that the dishes behaved themselves. Actually, the housework is helping me get back on track. I find that I am a bit more emotionally fragile than I would have expected. In fact, the 10 on Tuesday topic left me overwhelmed. This stuff just takes time, and I will even out again soon.

Lest you think I do not realize that our absence affected others, I share this picture with you all. This was the stray cat greeting us on our front porch when we got home. It was actually quite loose, but maybe not something the cat could get rid of on its own. I was able to remove the ground beef wrapper so long as I promised to refrain from threatening actions such as petting. By this evening, the cat had recovered enough to resume its assistant gardener activities.

Now it is time to get out the wheel and ply like the wind. Actually, I will enjoy taking my time and enjoying each treadle. Getting those dishes out of the way earlier today means I will be able to soak the new skein tonight. Yay, Doing Chores First!
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