Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweet Honeybee of Infinity!

I nearly missed out on setting my summer knitting goals and entering this contest. Other matters have occupied my heart and mind. In such times, it is often helpful to push forward, lest I find myself buried and stuck. Perhaps it is with this in mind that I set these ambitious summer knitting goals.

1. Finish EPS FIYC.
I am sure it is further along than I think, but I do know it has spent a long time on the needles and deserves to be finished.

2. Finish Icarus.
Those rows get so long, but it is lovely lace.

3. Finish test yarn socks.
This will be easy once I settle on the pattern.

Knit baby sweater and mail it
I added the last part in hopes that there is not some baby shower lurking around the corner and I will need to knit quickly.

5. Knit from handspun.
It does not much matter what I knit. It could be a swatchy bit from some small amount of something I have spun, or it could be a grand project. I just know that with the ten minutes a day thing I will definitely have something with which to knit.

6. Explore at least one sockitecture from the Cat Bordhi book.
It really does seem like a neat book, and I want to get to know it better.

7. Start new lace.
I suppose I could fold this into another one of the goals, but I probably will not, unless it is the handspun.
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