Thursday, June 19, 2008

If Ten Turns to Twenty

It can easily turn to thirty. That is what happened when I took the wheel outside. I grabbed a folding chair, a yoga mat, and spent a nice time outside spinning. The weather was perfect. I thought that I would only have about ten minutes before this changed, but it just kept with the lovely. Neighbors stared, and I did not care. I only had to get up once when a stray cat was about to do something horrible to a squash plant. Before I knew it, a half hour had passed and it was wonderful.

I have been enjoying the ten-minute a day spinning challenge. Tamara commented to me that it would not work for her. I understand that this is not a good plan for everyone. However, she also hit on a key component for making this work. I must choose ten quality minutes. Any ol' ten will not do. I can grab just about any ten to do a little ab work or dishes or straightening our home. This is not the case with spinning. I must get in the right frame of mind and free myself from distractions. It reminds me of conversations I have with someone in which I urge her to take care of herself everyday, even if it is just for ten minutes. Making the time to spin means I am taking the time to care for myself, re-focus, and relax. So often, I put things off for later. I wait for the right time instead of changing things to work for me. Through the spinning challenge, I am also building a new skill. I am improving my ability to stop and bring myself to calm.
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