Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yesterday I returned to my so-called doctor and waited to be seen. I waited for a reason to believe that I was under the care of a competent physician. I waited in vain.

I waited in line at Hobby Lobby to purchase more beads for my MS3 (spending more on this than I thought I would). The wait would not have been so bad if I were feeling better. I almost purchased the latest Knitters magazine because it did not look too bad. I did not trust my judgment. At least I will not wait for the third clue for MS3, but that is because I am behind. I am ready to put in a lifeline and begin clue two.

It is too early to head to the theater to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so I must wait.

There is a mini skein of handspun soaking, and then it must dry. I wait some more. Will it be acceptable sock weight yarn? We will wait and see.

I waited for the pages to load over at the Hurt Book sale. I did not get any books there.

Now, I wait for something even more exciting. I am in a bit of a state of awe and disbelief.

Did I ever tell you that I do not really mind waiting? I am considered a pretty patient person. I have knitting and spinning to keep me company. Still, I am excited!

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