Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News to Us

Our week has not turned out the way we thought it would. We were supposed to have out-of-town guests, but that fell through. I guess it was not meant to be. We kind of had a feeling that it was not going to work out, but continued with plans as if it were going to happen. I feel bad because it was probably their last chance to make it down before the new school year begins. To put a positive slant on it, at least I was able to spend time with my wheel. They do not quite understand my fiber obsession, but are quite kind about it and muster up as much interest as they can. However, they have invited us up to visit them, but our schedules might not work.

Then we received a phone call Monday morning. We were still in bed and let the answering machine take a message. When I returned the call later in the day, someone wants me to come over and take a look at some knitting. She wants to see if it is something I can make, and if so, she will pay me to do it. This seems to be a somewhat odd request. We head on over. I ask my husband what he thinks the odds are that this will be crocheting rather than knitting. We arrive and there is a package from Mary Maxim. She pulls out a kit she has purchased. I know you are dying to know what it is. I'll wait while you take a peek. That is a lot of pink. As it turns out, she wants this knit for this blanket recipient’s baby sister due in November. I had already planned some knitting for this baby, but I had not yet heard that it is to be a girl. I also learned about another baby due early next year, so I have a lot of baby knitting to do. Anyway, if I knew how to put a jump in a post, I would place a Choose Your Own Adventure thing here. Instead, I will just ask a question--do you think I agreed to knit it? Of course, I said I would. Will I be paid? I have no idea. I am not doing it for money. I am not quite sure why I am doing this. Many things are puzzling me, but I do not have time for that now. I have much knitting to do. While this blanket is not something I would have picked out, it is something I have agreed to knit, and I will keep this in mind when I feel like complaining. This will not stop me from offering up this bit of bitching about the pattern. It contains, of course, the familiar advice To Save Time, Take Time to Check Gauge. Then I read the gauge information. It reads:

Gauge or Tension: One square should measure 10.5" square using suggested needles or any needles which will give the correct stitch gauge or tension.

Yep. That's mega-helpful, Mary. As long as there is enough yarn, it really does not matter. It is a baby blanket. So far, I have one angel square finished. That puts me about 10% finished. I studied it a bit more in the pattern and I may need to change the edging. I know what my real problem with this is. I dislike deadline knitting. I will survive.

Constant vigilance! There are spoilers cropping up everywhere and I do not want my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows experience ruined. Good thing I have all of this knitting and spinning to occupy my time.
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