Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time for a Break

Lie down slowly, MS3. You know how to move slowly. You have been stationary in Clue 2 for a while. We will get back to you later. The rhythm is just not there. Besides, other lace needs to come first. You knew that Print o' the Wave has waited a long time. Now the right yarn is here and the right recipient is ready. C'mon, it's for Mom. Take a moment and look at those two lovely cakes of Zephyr in Mushroom. Is that not perfect for her? I knew you would understand. I will let you rest with other lace yarn. You can enjoy some lavender aromatherapy until it is your time. I know that it is little consolation, but I am setting aside the angel baby blanket, too. You should be back in the active line-up before you know it. I am considering bestowing you upon someone with a birthday at the end of September.
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