Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Treading Water

I'm getting ready to knit the Thorn and Thistle Twinset from the current IK. Actually, I'm just knitting the tank portion of the twinset. Something about the cardigan/bolero thing doesn't look quite right to me. Anyway, I've made my working copies of the pattern. Now I'm about to begin crossing out the numbers which pertain to other sizes. I'm making the next to smallest size. I hope I've chosen well. I've already swatched. I'm on for stitch gauge, but not quite for row gauge. Eh, I think that's where I'll be making changes, so let's just forget about row gauge, 'kay? We've gotten plenty of warm weather. How great would it be for me to finish this in time to wear it this year? I also want to knit the Bonita Shirt from the same issue, but with several more changes. I don't think I'll be doing the embroidery, the sleeves aren't quite making me love them (tank, maybe?), and perhaps not all of the lace on the front. I think the length issue (yeah, I'm not looking to showcase my tummy) won't be an issue because I'm short. I've done some measuring, and I think I'll be groovy without having to make changes there.

I've turned the heels on Bruce's socks, have one more round of Pomatomus with lace on top only before the lace goes round and round, and I'm ready to turn the heels on Mom's socks. That makes Bruce's socks easy traveling knitting. I think I might just leave that project in the car, perhaps. Mom's socks will soon be to that stage, too. My Pomatomus socks will take more careful attention. I feel like I'm not progressing much with any of my projects. That's okay, though. The dementors have been relentless lately. It's surprising that I'm getting as much done as I am. Speaking of surprises, I'm going to a birthday party (not a surprise party, though). Wow! I have not been to a non-family birthday party in ages. Time to test my social graces, and flex my trying-to-not-look-like-such-a-freak muscles. I'd better stretch first. I think I should bring knitting. It really does help me. I'm going to let new lace projects wait until my mind is a bit clearer. I don't consider the Thorn & Thistle tank to be too lace-intensive to qualify it for back burner status. I'm doing what I can. So far this month I've done three dvds from The Firm and exercised in the water one night. The Fit Knitter thing is good. I want to be an even fitter knitter.
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