Sunday, June 18, 2006

Her Fans Called Her Tuffy

Last Sunday I went to a birthday party for one of my Monday Night Knitting Buddies. I had such a great time. The evening started with dinner and ended at the Roller Derby. I found this poster Wednesday when I was at Starbucks. I wanted to take the poster, but I did not. Those are the socks I’m knitting for Bruce. I did not knit those that night, but rather I knit on Shedir. That is such a great pattern. I wouldn’t call it the greatest choice for knitting in the low light while you try and watch the roller derby, though. Several of us knit away throughout the match. This guy asked why we were knitting. I responded, “Why not? We love to knit and knitting is awesome.” He said that he just wondered if it was a derby thing. It could be one day. One of my other Monday Night Knitting Buddies wants to join the team. She has to finish healing a current injury before she can get new ones roller derbying. She decided on c-squared for her derby name (I can’t write what it stands for), and it was determined that I should be called Spike because I can be seen knitting with dpns and I sometimes stick them in my hair and forget about them. This made "Roller Derby Queen" run through my head even more fiercely. Anyway, when I was making my way through the parking lot outside the roller derby I thought I saw my brother’s car. Although it is not an uncommon car, I knew it had to be his. There was a band playing, and I thought they must be my brother’s friends. I kept looking at the band and the people around it to see if I could spot him and say, “Howdy!” I never saw him, so I left a little note on the windshield when I left. I tried calling him, but I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone. We ended up at his house yesterday, and when I inquired about the previous Sunday, I got quite a surprise. As it turns out, it was not my brother at the roller derby. It was his wife. Had I looked more closely, I would have seen her out on the floor. She wasn’t skating (still in training), but was keeping stats. She says that she doesn’t know if she will keep with the derby. I can’t say that I blame her. I think she would really get hurt. Anyway, this non-knitting tangent has been brought to you by the It’s a Small World concept.
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