Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cars, Socks, and More

We went to see Cars on Friday. Outside the theater they had cardboard cutouts of some of the characters. I thought it was a good opportunity to take some pictures of Bruce's socks in progress. It's good to focus on progress. It's not good to dwell on the mistakes. We all have to rip back. Sometimes we have to rip back a large number of stitches. Sometimes it is two thousand four hundred ninety stitches that must come off the needles and be returned to the skein. When I knit something where the pattern gives numbers for multiple sizes, I have a plan. Photocopy the pattern, (good idea anyway for notes and preservation of the original) and then cross out all the numbers not applicable to the size I am knitting. But I could always do that last thing later. I mean, just look at the cast-on number and then knit those thirty rows from the chart. I wouldn't need to look at the rest of the pattern for thirty rows. Guess who cast on for the next size smaller than what she intends to knit? Argh! Oh well, the yarn is wonderful to work with, the lace is nice and simple, (fulfilling my desire to knit lace and being simple enough for the feeble state of my mind these days) and I love knitting. It is the shell from the Thorn & Thistle twinset that I made the big mistake. I've moved on, now. I ripped it out, re-wound the yarn, marked out all the numbers I don't need, and began again. I've passed the lace and the decreases for shaping. It's coming along nicely. I've turned the heel on one of my mom's socks, and I'm part of the way through turning the other. My Pomatomus now have a few rounds of lace going all the way around the legs. Amazingly enough, I made that progress on Pomatomus at Monday night knitting. Monday night knitting helps me make it through the other 165 hours of the week.
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