Thursday, August 18, 2005

Little Boy Blue

No, not really. Then again, it's not quite Kerry Blue either. I have begun knitting a baby blanket for a baby whose entrance to the world is set for January. I am using the pattern for Kerry Blue from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman as a guide for the gift. I have considered knitting this pattern as a shawl before, but I think I'd do some charting first. I think I'll be doing some charting for this blanket, too. I chose this as the inspiration for this baby blanket for "blue" in the title (supposed to be a boy), and the reference to Mobile, AL in the description of the shawl (mommy-to-be's family lives near there). So, I am off on a new knitting adventure, working from the center and working my way out on this cuddly gift. I'm pleased to see improvements in my knitting and finishing techniques. I finished the hood for my Kangaroo, and I must say that I'm easily a bit impressed with the way I sewed the seam on that. Now I just have the sleeves and the rest of the seaming. Oh, yeah, and the elastic cording. Hmmm...I've still got to buy that stuff. Oh, poor, pitiable, me! I must go shopping. And speaking of shopping, if I am accepted for participation in Secret Pal 6, I will get to shop for and spoil someone else. How very exciting!
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