Wednesday, August 10, 2005

FO Central

Okay, so two doesn't really qualify me for living in the land of FO central, but I'm thrilled with my progress. I completed Soleil and Mary Ann's Cashmere & Pearls Lace Scarf. I had the opportunity to show off the scarf at yesterday's knitting meeting (if I had shaved my armpits I could have shown off Soleil, too). I was pleased by the oohs and ahs over my work and confirmation that I had chosen well for my beads on the project. What made me even more happy, though was to see so many of my knitting buddies, some of whom I hadn't seen in awhile. We really do have a great group of knitters. I have been thrown by a new dynamic in the group, but I've determined that what has been most difficult for me is recognizing that what irritates me about this new element mirrors a deficiency in my personal skills. Have you ever noticed that sometimes a person whom you find a bit annoying has a character flaw which you are reluctant to admit you also share? When I make this realization, whew, it's like holding that lighted 10X magnified mirror up to myself. It's scary, ugly, humbling, and a bit embarrassing. It just goes to show that there is always room for improvement in life.

Back on the FO topic, I have progress to report on my Kangaroo Duo from The Purl Stitch. I have completed the front. I had already finished the back, but the front was left at the 2/3 mark for months. It languished in a pile while the mercury snaked it's way up the thermometer. It isn't any cooler here, in fact it's even hotter now than when I unceremoniously stuffed it away for later, whenever that might be. However, I found myself in need of some mindless stockinette, so I pulled it out of hiding, and lo and behold, I might wear this when the weather finally does turn off cooler. Speaking of weather conditions, I hear the thunder rumbling in the distance (not far off enough), so I must get off the computer.
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