Monday, August 01, 2005

Aunt Sarah's Knitting Camp

In a weekend filled with teething and tears, fevers and frustration, knitting prevailed. Okay, so I'm being a bit silly, but knitting really did come through over the past few days. I was helping watch the neices and nephews at my mother's house, and it was a bit chaotic. The baby was sick, the weather was not conducive to getting outside to play, so we got out the needles and did some knitting. I had taught the twins a bit of knitting before, but this was the first time either one stuck with it long enough to complete a "project," as they like to call it. Austin says he doesn't want to learn to knit, he just wants to make a "project." Well, his washcloth is coming along nicely, but he was able to entertain himself with the blocks and didn't spend as much time knitting as Autumn did. Now, I knit in the continental style, but everyone I have taught to knit chooses the English/American style. However, this weekend, Autumn wanted to know more about the way I knit, so she is doing a bit of continental now, too. That makes me feel a bit more confident in my teaching abilities. She took to that k2tog quite nicely, too. So, at the end of the weekend, Autumn was able to show off and carry home her washcloth. Now, my knitting did not progress as much as I would have hoped, but all said, this was a good knitting weekend.
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