Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Topping it off

Well, I've completed my Eros Shell. I need to get someone to take pictures of it for me, or I need to con someone into modeling it and I'll take the pictures. I really am pretty pleased with this project. I now can honestly say that I have knit a garment, and it fits. I have even begun another top. This one is Soleil from Knitty. I am knitting it in Plymouth Wildflower DK in a lavender color. I have already cast on and done one pattern repeat of the lace at the bottom. This is the first thing I have tried out from Knitty. I think that it is a pretty nifty online resource. I really found the article about choosing the correct size to be very helpful. In fact, I not only am using the information for knitting Soleil, but I also used it for my Eros Shell. Now, I just have to keep convincing myself that I can wear sleeveless tops.
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