Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shell to Scarf

Well, I completed the back of my Eros Shell, minus the neckline and around the armholes with Wildflower DK. I'm taking a day or two (or whatever I need) break from it before I begin the front. I had more experience to familiarize myself with directions for shaping, and I have greater confidence in my abilities. Whilst taking that break, I decided to begin a new project. After all that stockinette, I knew I needed to get some lace on the needles, so I began Mary Ann's Cashmere & Pearls Lace Scarf by Sivia Harding. I wasn't able to immediately locate a source for 4mm glass pearls locally, so I am using 4mm AB Crystal Bicones. I've decided to knit this with my Pink Misti Alpaca. This is my first time knitting with alpaca, and I absolutely love it. I've been doing my chart prep work. I always make a copy of my charts so that I can mark them up without messing up the original. I write the number of plain knit stitches when there is a string of four or more consecutively within a row. It makes it easier to follow the chart as I knit because I don't have to stop and count boxes. I should make pretty good progress on this scarf because it's only 39 stitches across at its widest. That seems like such a small number, especially after finishing Kiri where towards the end I had over 300 stitches in a row.
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