Thursday, June 02, 2005

Kiri Shawl

I've just begun my eleventh repeat of chart two on the Kiri Shawl. This is such a lovely shawl. Many thanks are due to Polly, who generously shares this free pattern. I am not knitting this in KSH, but rather with Jaggerspun Zephyr in white. I have applied to join the Yahoo!Groups KAL, and am awaiting approval. I am interested to read the experiences of other knitters with this shawl. The directions call for twelve repeats of chart two, so it would seem that I am getting close to working the edging. If you have never knitted from charts, might I suggest doing the Kiri. I know, many people are intimidated by lace and charts, and here I am suggesting you try knitting this shawl which has both. Hear me out, please. First, this is a free pattern. Second, there are both charted and written directions. Third, you have your choice of yarns for this shawl. Maybe mohair isn't as magical to you as it is to others. While KSH is recommended, you do not have to use it. I have seen it knitted in a cotton yarn (whose name I cannot recall), and I am working it up in Zephyr. This shawl is to be a gift. I mean for it to go to a June bride whom I have never met. She is my stepfather's niece. I hope she's a shawl kind of gal. I truly need to get the needles clicking, because the wedding is just over a week away. Yes, I got the date wrong in my head. I must finish this and get it in the mail.
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