Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming Out of Hibernation

When I cannot find the focus to figure out what to knit next, there is usually a lonely abandoned something waiting for its time.  No, not that piece on the loom that just needs a little bit of finishing but then requires delivery.  No, not the Jimmy Bean's Wool Downton Abbey Mystery KAL, because I am waiting to see what happens with the provisional start before I go on any further.  Maybe I am just stalling, but I do not think that is the case, because I started the second mitt and have knit it to the same point as the first.  Besides, I have not set that aside long enough to consider it abandoned.  

For this go around, it was Bauble, and it seemed as though no one wanted me to work on it.  Each time I settled in to work on it--comfortable, charts visible and propped up nicely, all necessary supplies within reach--something would happen.  Mostly, it was the ringing phone.  I suppose that if I am ever feeling lonesome and want someone to call me, I could try using this shawl to bring about this type of attention, but I do not think it would work that way, and besides, I am not a fan of speaking on the phone, and want to finish this before that has the possibility of happening.  
The interruptions have kept me from making as much progress as I had hoped, but I only have fourteen more rows on the main chart, and then it is time for the edging chart with beads, and I think I have figured out which I will use for that, if I ever get to that point.  This seems to be one of those knits.  
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