Monday, April 21, 2008


My Icarus restart is a success. The Jojoland Harmony is much nicer to work with, and the slow color changes are entertaining to me. Nora asked for more photos, and I am not one to turn down such a request. You see my experiment with the blue. It looks nice, but it just was not right. I am more pleased with the new one.

I neglected to mention that I made it through the third round of Sock Madness. Arrival of the fourth pattern could happen at any moment. I was knocked out of the competition last year in round three, so I have already made it further this time. This is about the only kind of deadline knitting that I have been able to enjoy. We will see how this goes. I just got off the phone. One of the kids is not feeling well, so we may have waiting room time ahead of us today. I was called upon for my knowledge of the location of the appendix. I hope it is just gas.

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