Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mad Reversai

I had a hard time getting my Monday going. I thought about getting up more than once, but I never made it. I finally gave a big effort so that I might make it out to knit with the Skanks. I checked the email and discovered that I had been gotten. It was a pre-April Fool's Day surprise from Sock Madness in the form of an early release of the pattern for round two. I was over eight hours behind. I grabbed some yarn and then had a few moments of panic when I could not remember the great place I had stowed the sock needle stash. I cast on and got going, and never made it out to knit with everyone. In truth, I was not quite up for getting out, but I do miss being with them. I hope I can make it next Monday. Anyway, Tuesday ended up being topsy-turvy, too. I really needed a couple of thirty-minute naps, but I only managed one. I was unsure about the sock pattern at first, but before long, I knew it was a good one. It has a different stretchiness so that it can accommodate different foot shapes. My choice of yarn (Lang Jawoll Superwash) obscures the patterning, but I liked what I was getting. As I knit along, I thought that these might be good for my husband. Then he saw and BrucieReversaiadmired them, and I knew they would be for him. He thought the yarn I was using was the stuff I had bought for him. Guess I should knit that pair soon, too. Anyway, I made pretty good time knitting these socks. I think it is so neat that these are reversible socks. Another reason they are good for the hubby. My actual knitting time was about 22 hours, but I took breaks and kept up with life as best as I could. Knitting the toes took forever, and by the time I was working that portion of the second sock, I was more than ready to be done. On breaks between those last few rounds, I changed the way I was moving my fingers with a typing test Norma shared the other day. It was with much relief that I scared my husband out of a restless sleep to put on a completed pair of socks so I could take the picture and upload it to the flickr group. This was another fun pattern. Our Sock Madness hostesses picked another winner.
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