Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Divide and Conquer

I am not operating under the delusion that I will be the ultimate winner of Sock Madness, but I have been checking out the competition. I see that I have been placed in Cat's Soaring Sock Division, but also noticed in the URL it reads Newbie East Division. I emailed to see if I had been assigned to the wrong group. Hillary let me know that I am indeed in an experienced group. I guess it's time to clear the sock needles. That means it is time to finish those Traveler's Stockings. I'm going to make some changes. I won't be making the legs as long, and I won't be continuing the traveling stitches down the feet. With the modifications I have in mind, I'm set to turn the heels. Then it is just mindless stockinette to the toes. I did manage to knit a mini sock yesterday. I knit it from my own handspun. I spun up a bit of the Alpaca/Vicuña mix Annette gave me. I used my Little Si. It may not be much, but it gave me a thrill to knit with what I had spun.
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