Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Death By Socks

She had just returned from the post office to mail a package for her October Birthday Swap pal, Stephanie. She had gone a bit overboard and stuffed the box with last-minute extra goodies. She was tired from all the shopping. She trudged up to the mailbox. It had been empty the two previous times she had checked it that day. She reached inside to find junk mail and a soft, squishy package. She handed the junk mail to her husband and contemplated the package. Finally, she opened it, and the contents burst forth. She battled bravely, but alas, Sarah has been killed. Before dying, she was able to subdue one of the socks with dpns. The pair is being rehabilitated. They shall serve out their remaining days warming feet.

Sarah was a noble sock warrior. Never a cold-blooded killer, she sent socks on to deserter and fellow warrior alike. She lived to see all but one of the fellow Skanky Knitters she encouraged to join the battle fall prey to deadly socks. In lieu of flowers, please donate a chemo cap to Caps for a Cure. Of course, consolation Knit Picks gift certificates will not be turned away.



  2. Awwwwwwww... I knew it was coming, but it is still hard to take. Beautiful socks, btw. Nice job dying! You are a class act. People like you exemplify what the game is all about.

    A caps will be donated in your honor. :)

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    man, you scared the (sh)knit out of me!

    Jealous that you have 2 froggie Kachas.

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    RIP, Sarah. It's been nice knowing you ;p

  5. Oh Sarah we knew you well! You dyed with class! Love the picture! Enjoy your new socks!! A cap will be donated in your name!! :) :)

  6. Glad you were able to get to the post office before your untimely demise--LOL!