Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Year's First Yarn

A sale at Yarn Expressions led me to make my first yarn purchase of 2006. I scored this Crystal Palace Kid Merino at 50% off in Painted Iris and Ultra Blues. This picture does not do justice to the colors, especially to the Ultra Blues colorway. Thanks to my mom, more yarn followed two days later, but I've yet to take pictures.

My Pomatomus socks (discussion on proper pronunciation has led us to call them Hippopotamus socks) are progressing nicely. I took a picture at Monday night knitting, but it didn't turn out well. I've managed a few more rounds since then, and I'm about to begin working the fish scale lace all the way around the leg. The heel turning went well, and they feel great on my feet.

I'm still doing the Fit Knitter thing. I did Aerobic Body Shaping from The Firm today. I really am getting in better shape. While most of my workout dvds remain a challenge, none of them make me feel like I'm dying to complete them.
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