Saturday, March 04, 2006

Socks and PJs

I finally began knitting my Frolicking Shamrocks. I've got the toe done on one, and I'm halfway through the toe on the other. I want to finish up that part tonight and get them both on the needle (I'm doing Magic Loop 2-on-1). I was knitting them while we were out today, but hadn't brought my bag in from the car. I had begun to settle in for the evening when I realized where my knitting was. My sweetums isn't feeling well and was already in the bed. If I wanted to knit, I needed to go out to the car myself. I didn't feel like getting dressed again, yet I wanted to knit. But wait, it's a PJ Weekend over at our local Bruster's. So, I hopped in the car, got my free ice cream, and brought my knitting in when I came back inside.

I think I know how I'll modify my socks. Instead of all that plain knitting, I'm going to work shamrocks up the foot of my sock. I was going to use the shamrock graph in the pattern and replace beads with purl stitches, but I wasn't wild about the look. Then I remembered a shamrock pattern over at the Dishcloth Boutique. Over on page 3, there it is: Reversible Shamrock. I like the looks of that, and I'm going to work those into the socks. I think it will be mighty nifty. If I don't like the looks of it, I can always try something else. Afterall, it's my knitting.
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