Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Over at The Knitting Zone, they are having a knitalong for Jackie E-S's Frolicking Shamrocks socks. There is also a free companion pattern for wristlets. I've looked at these socks before, but was a bit unsure. I think I have a plan to change it up a bit. I love the beading, but there is quite a lot of plain knitting. That can be a bit tedious, so I'm going to try something a bit different. After the beading, I plan to carry the frolicking shamrocks patterning down the leg and top of the sock using purl stitches. Actually, I think I will be doing that in reverse. I want to start the socks at the toe. Yes, this is another change, but not a biggie. However, I have already prestrung my beads as per the instructions. Since I don't plan to battle those beads whilst knitting the rest of the sock, I've got a bit more prep work to do before I finally cast on for these puppies. Yes, I am behind everyone else, but I finally did finish the socks for my sweetie pie that have been on the needles for so long. I'll get him to pull the socks on long enough to take a picture. We're in the midst of a warm spell around here, so he's not going to be wearing these socks just now. Oh yeah, and this is the first button I've ever made!
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