Friday, February 17, 2006

Thank You, Nona!

Bristow has been coming along so well. I completed the left sleeve, and then I began some assembly work. My side seams are nice; shoulders, not so much. I want this sweater to be nice, so I tried again, and again. It wasn't looking better. I couldn't make it work. So, I set it aside and bought buttons. That didn't fix the shoulders, either. I searched my books, but alas, they failed me. How about that ol' internet? Yah, buddy! Giant thanks to you, Nona. Your helpful information on how to change my pattern to short-row shoulders did the trick. It also allowed me to do my first three-needle-bind-offs. So, I ripped back, and it worked. Those shoulders are so much nicer. This helps me feel better about the fact that I really didn't make any new progress on the sweater. Okay, so buying the buttons and fixing the shoulders is very good. I learned new things, and elevated my knitting level--excellent. I just mean that I didn't get started on that right sleeve, or on the button/buttonhole/neck/bands. Possible bad weather and a long car ride to take someone to the airport mean that I should get some knitting time in on Saturday.
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