Sunday, April 14, 2019

For the Throne

The final season is finally here, and I'm ready for it.  I bought the special edition Oreo cookies for us to eat while we watch the premiere.  I've re-watched all the episodes in preparation.  I even convinced others to re-watch some of them with me so they could better remember what has happened in previous seasons.  I stitched some sigils along the way.  I even tried my hand at stitching on a t-shirt, so there's my viewing outfit ready, too.  
I do feel a bit of sadness that the series is ending, but there you go.  I can use my dishtowel sigil sampler as a giant handkerchief to soak up my tears over all the deaths and the end of the show.  After it's all done, I'll just go back and re-read the first five books while waiting for The Winds of Winter.  Besides, I still have sigils to stitch.   
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