Monday, October 02, 2017

Goal-y Moley

It is a new month, so it's time for new goals.  Last month I probably scored somewhere around 70% completion--not great, but not terrible.  Let's see how I do with this month's list. 
  • Watch my Craftsy Spinning Stupendous Singles Class (Dear Craftsy, Please restore the ability to cast (Chromecast, y'know?) app content to my tv and develop a Roku channel.  My back, neck, shoulders, etc will thank you.  Also, I stopped buying classes when you did your unfortunate redesign of the app that took away the ability to cast.) 
  • Get the 15 dpi idea on the Ashford (if it works, that's great, but if not, then I know and will have learned something)
  • Weave towels on the Cricket (we need some new hand towels in the bathrooms)
  • Stitch/embroider a thing (should have enough thread, eh?)
  • Go to the gym at least four times by myself (this might be my biggest challenge)
  • Finish the Horseshoe Lace chart on the Bridgewater Shawl (only about eight more rounds to go on this chart, but those rounds are long)
That seems like a pretty good list--challenging without being overly ambitious, but I think for me it is doable.        
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