Wednesday, February 19, 2014

POP! The Final Chapter

Well, it took a little over a year, but now I have a new blanket.  Now that it is finished, I am able to look back and reflect a bit.  I remember the many places I worked on squares.  Given the length of time I took from start to end, most places in my 2013 probably have a square tied to them.  I can even point to a few of them and recall what was happening at that moment in my life as I knit those particular squares.  

Of course, knitting each block was only the first part of the adventure.  I had a few moments of feeling stuck as I contemplated the sorting and joining.  As I did not want to allow the opportunity for dread or over-thinking to set in, I spread a sheet out on the living room floor and just started playing.  First, I sorted by colors and considered math.  Then there were color questions, and possibilities of deliberate patterns or designs.  Finally, I settled on an arrangement that I liked, and I rolled up the whole thing and set it aside for the day, as the process had been exhausting for me.  Over the course of the next few days, I crocheted the squares together.  I clipped together chains of blocks with my Clover locking stitch markers, joined that strip to the previous, unclipped the stitch markers, lather, rinse, repeat.  Once all of the squares were together, I blocked again and considered the edging.  I briefly bumped up against the idea of i-cord, but decided upon crocheting around instead.  I had just a little bit left of the Universal Yarns Classic Shades in Rainforest, and most of it was quite similar in color, (with the exception of a section of bright green that I cut out) so I used it, and quite like the effect. 

As soon as I finished, I curled up under it and took a nap.  The only thing left after that was to wait for the right weather and take some pictures, so that is what I did yesterday.  If anyone is feeling jealousy or ill will toward me for having the weather for a blanket photo shoot, you can take comfort in the fact that there was much mosquito harassment.  
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