Friday, November 22, 2013

Just Keep Knitting

HHRforRobuddyThe gift knitting is well underway.  I have one to show for now, a modified Hermione Hearts Ron (replaced the lace panels with plain purls between the cables) hat for my nephew.  Everything else has been Goldilocks syndrome around here--too long, too short, and the next one had better be just right, or somebody is getting a gift card to go with her book.  I have ideas for other gift knits, but am keeping a relaxed attitude about it.   The next thing to get to is another Jumbo Gnome, and I am looking forward to that.  
Anyway, more than a few of my not-so-favorite things have converged as of late.  It is difficult because they are troubles for people I love, and I cannot fix any of it.  They are not things to mention here, or really anywhere, I suppose, because they are not my things to tell.  I am doing a lot of processing and not a lot of sleeping.  So, for right now, I am just peeking in, reading blogs, and just not up for commenting.  I am thinking of you all often.  
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