Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lace to the Rescue

Sometimes, lace is the right answer, especially when I don't know the question.  This is certainly one of those times.  I have been needing a bit of a break from the POP! Blanket squares, and this is definitely a departure from that project.  I had tried this pattern (Lilac Leaf Shawl) before with handspun, but I was woefully under-yardage for it.  That mistake was my own; (actually, it was a series of mistakes) combine that with the fact that many knitters have needed more than the listed amount, and I did not get very far with it last time.  

This time I have more than enough, and the lace is flowing off the needles effortlessly and swiftly.  There was a moment when I applied the tape measure to check my progress and the lace refused to grow no matter how much I knit.   Then, as I approached the end of the first cake of yarn, it finally released about ten inches of growth.  I am nearly done with the project, (only about 7700 more stitches to go) as I already knit the other end and it waits patiently in the yarn closet until it is time for grafting.  
Once I finish this, I want to get something new on the loom.  I need to have some success after something that did not work as planned.  I might show you later, but it needs to sit and think about what happened before it is ready for photos.  

Before we get to that, I will show you what happened with my Tour de Fleece, but that will wait for another day, too.     
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