Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dipping My Toes In

Since I had a skein of sock yarn already in cake form sitting in the knitting bag next to the couch, and, it is summer, (as I have been reminded) I decided to knit socks.  I do not remember what the previous plan for this yarn had been, but now they are Circle Socks.  I think I got the pattern idea from Squish adding it to her queue.  I made a few changes--knit them toe-up, fewer total stitches, Sweet Tomato Heel (youtube link), fewer pattern repeats, and added a little bit of ribbing at the top.  
I really like them, though I cannot get a good photo that shows the colors right to save my life.  The pattern is easy, and the texture is nifty.  I like the Sweet Tomato Heel, and it was good to learn something new.  I also learned that I should not work it over 2/3 the stitches if I am making socks for Bruce.  These are his socks, but my nephew has already tried to steal them.  Maybe I will knit a pair for him next.  Then again, his dog loves to eat socks, so maybe not.  Besides, I just checked the calendar, and it is Tour de Fleece time.  Yikes!  
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